Using a condom incorrectly is scarily common with the failure rate being very high at 18% when used in the real world.

We wanted to share our favourite condom guide, the “Play Safe” Guide, so that putting on a sock feels like a piece of cake:

Step 1: Check the expiry date. You don’t want to use an expired condom that may break. Also, make sure it’s stated on the packaging that it meets Australian standards.

Step_1_How to use a condom.jpg

Step 2: Open the packet carefully; don’t use your teeth as you don’t want to tear the condom.

Step_2_How to use a condom.jpg

Step 3: Hold the tip of the condom to remove any air and then roll it down to the base of the erect penis. Make sure the condom isn’t inside out before attempting to roll it on. If you do roll it on inside out there’s a possibility it could have some sexual fluids on it (like pre cum). The best thing to do here is to grab another one and start again.

Step_3_How to use a condom.jpg

Step 4: Put some water-based lubricant on the outside of the condom. This will reduce the risk of the condom breaking and even increase pleasure. Try not to use oil-based lubricants such as Vaseline; these can sometimes cause the condom to break.

Step_4_How to use a condom.jpg

Step 5: After ejaculation, make sure the penis is withdrawn while still erect. Make sure you hold onto the base of the condom while you’re withdrawing. You don’t want it to slip off.


A few tips before you get physical:

  • Thinner or fun textured condoms work just as well as your old-fashioned thick ones. One of you allergic to latex? No worries, Avanti and SKYN are brands of non-latex condoms you can use.
  • If you’re sharing sex toys then covering those toys (that can’t be washed with boiled water) with condoms is a great way to keep you both safe. bacterial vaginosis (BV) can easily be transmitted through toy sharing.
  • Don’t wear 2 condoms. The extra friction will increase chances of breakage.