The ancient philosopher, Aristotle, wrote in The History of Animals VII, part 3 (350 B.C.E), that to avoid conception, women must prevent the ‘womb’ from coming in contact with the male sperm by rubbing it with cedar oil, lead ointment or incense, mixed with olive oil. This natural sounding remedy contained highly toxic lead poison that was fatal and reminds us of how far we have come.

If you have objections to hormones in your body or have a medical history that does not allow for many hormonal methods, then barrier methods are a good possibility for you. Non-hormonal methods are not the best if you have an uncooperative partner (but of course ditching your crappy partner not worried about your health may be worth pondering).

Non-hormonal methods include: condoms (male or female), diaphragms, cervical caps, the Lea’s Shield, the sponge. The only risk of these barrier methods is an allergic reaction to the material of the barrier. Importantly, spermicides that should be used with them due to the lack of affectivity.


A lot of women are using natural contraception, despite its inferior pregnancy prevention, because of fear about their health, risk of cancer and future fertility. Today’s contraception is a far cry from the contraception our mothers and grandmothers had access to. Yet the media spreads a lot of wrong information about risks posed by contraception. Scan the Internet and find fear mongering articles about the pill. Coincidentally all these articles are accompanied by a spiel about how they will save your health with a consultation! Hmmm…sounds like unqualified person is trying to make a quick buck out of women’s fears about contraception.

Today any contraceptive medicine introduced onto the market requires extensive research, development and vigorous testing with only 1 in 5000 drugs making it to the market place.

Look at the stats of contraceptive risks and then make an objective decision that protects you.