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October 2016

Abortion debate forgets about contraception

The abortion debate is often simplified into binary extremes: the ‘religious right pro-life’ versus the liberal ‘pro-choice leftwing faction’. This debate is packaged and sold to the left or right by politicians when electioneering. Mass producing this complex issue for... Continue Reading →


8 emotional stages of getting a Pap Smear using Kim Kardashian gifs

There’s no denying that Pap Smears play a super important role in preventing cervical cancer and the detection of STI’s, but no one said anything about having to like them! Here are the 8 emotional stages of getting a pap... Continue Reading →

The Australian Human Rights Commission is calling for submissions on sexual assault experiences

The Australian Human Right Commission has called for submissions from students who have experienced sexual assault/ harassment at universities. The Sourced from The Australian Human Rights commissionplatform that has been created is allowing people to highlight just how prevalent this issue... Continue Reading →

Aussie Condom Campaign offends many

  Aussie brand ‘Hero Condoms’ recently issued an apology for their recent condom ad campaign. The ad campaigns turned STIs into Tinder dating profiles.   The AIDS profiles offended some LGBT groups who believed they also provided incorrect information and... Continue Reading →

Few Australian women use long-acting contraceptives, despite their advantages

Sara Holton, Monash University; Heather Rowe, Monash University; Jane Fisher, Monash University, and Maggie Kirkman, Monash University Few Australian women use long-acting reversible contraception, despite its advantages over other methods. These contraceptives offer women long-term, cost-effective, “fit-and-forget” contraception. Long-acting reversible... Continue Reading →

IUDs safe, effective but myths live on

Sunanda Creagh, The Conversation IUDs are safe for young fertile women but remain unpopular in Australia. IUDs are a safe and highly effective form of contraception but misinformation continues to make them an unpopular choice for women and doctors,... Continue Reading →

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