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Abortion debate forgets about contraception

The abortion debate is often simplified into binary extremes: the ‘religious right pro-life’ versus the liberal ‘pro-choice leftwing faction’. This debate is packaged and sold to the left or right by politicians when electioneering. Mass producing this complex issue for... Continue Reading →


Aussie Condom Campaign offends many

  Aussie brand ‘Hero Condoms’ recently issued an apology for their recent condom ad campaign. The ad campaigns turned STIs into Tinder dating profiles.   The AIDS profiles offended some LGBT groups who believed they also provided incorrect information and... Continue Reading →

Few Australian women use long-acting contraceptives, despite their advantages

Sara Holton, Monash University; Heather Rowe, Monash University; Jane Fisher, Monash University, and Maggie Kirkman, Monash University Few Australian women use long-acting reversible contraception, despite its advantages over other methods. These contraceptives offer women long-term, cost-effective, “fit-and-forget” contraception. Long-acting reversible... Continue Reading →

IUDs safe, effective but myths live on

Sunanda Creagh, The Conversation IUDs are safe for young fertile women but remain unpopular in Australia. IUDs are a safe and highly effective form of contraception but misinformation continues to make them an unpopular choice for women and doctors,... Continue Reading →

5 Abortion Myths

Abortion myths based on fictitious stories and doctrine make life difficult for women seeking this medical procedure.  Abortion is a medical procedure that has been performed for thousands of years and has only recently become stigmatized in the 19th century... Continue Reading →

ABCs of STIs

We always talk about unplanned pregnancy but let’s not forget about  sexually transmitted infections (STIs). STIs are quite common and not restricted to infecting a certain ‘type’ despite the stigma they may carry. TYPES There are 3 main types of... Continue Reading →

Natural, No-hormones contraception

The ancient philosopher, Aristotle, wrote in The History of Animals VII, part 3 (350 B.C.E), that to avoid conception, women must prevent the ‘womb’ from coming in contact with the male sperm by rubbing it with cedar oil, lead ointment or... Continue Reading →

The Contraceptive Games

Rio broke the record for the greatest number of condoms being ordered for the Olympic village. 450,000 condoms were ordered for the 11,000 athletes with 45 condoms per athlete. Let’s not forget the 175,000 satchels of lubricant.Condoms were first handed... Continue Reading →

Does the Contraceptive Pill (the pill) cause cancer?

There is widespread fear about the pill ‘causing cancer.’ Looking after your health is of paramount importance to you so knowing the benefits and risks of your contraception is an important step when making choices. Two recent UK studies suggest... Continue Reading →

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